Commercial Video

Spotlight Captured is a video production company in NYC. Based in Brooklyn, NY, Spotlight Captured is a professional video production studio specializing in producing wedding films and more. This talented crew wants to help tell the romantic tale of your big day. Using high-tech equipment and a knack for visual storytelling, they will preserve all of the magic so you can relive it again and again. Spotlight Captured has built a solid reputation with captivating productions and a personalized approach to their work.The team takes time to understand each couple and their vision for the wedding.

Live Streaming

Jet Media offers end-to-end video streaming services for all types of events, whether fully live multi-camera production on a live streaming platform or a simple one-camera stream. -You’ll be surprised how many people you can reach when distance is out of the equation. -Engage any size audience with scalable, interactive and secure video streaming -We Ensure Your Event Looks Great, Goes Smoothly, And Achieves Results That Meet Or Exceed Your Expectations. -triumph over every obstacle on your way to creating successful events for your business or nonprofit. -Success that inspires clients to schedule regular events, regular events keep their attendees engaged and motivated. -Organizing a full-scale virtual conference

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